Collection of Slides from CSUN 2015

I have never been to CSUN and I hope to attend someday.  Here is a collection of presentations I had from twitter feed #CSUN15.

List of Sessions:

1.) Build your own Accessibility Showcase Experience resources By Cathy O Connor

2.) Bootstrap.js Dynamic Web Accessibility and “SkipTo” Page Navigation By Jon Gunderson and Victor Tsaran

3.) 7 Lessons from developing an Accessible HTML5 Video Player by Dennise Lembree

4.) CSUN15 Open Source Accessibility Panel

5.) Gaining Support through Empathy & Awareness Exercises -Patrick Dunphy

6.) Cognitive Accessibility 101 : Jamie Knight :

7.) The secret life of an accessible player – Henny Swan

8.) Making RIA Interaction Understandable to Everyone – Hans Hillen and Léonie Watson

9.) Digital Accessibility Legal Update (CSUN 2015)

10.) Accessibility in the Web Project Life Cycle (PPT) by Denis Boudreau

11.) 4 hot issues from 1999, still issues on 2015 by David MacDonald

12.) Desktop and Mobile Accessibility Testing with Jim Thatcher’s Favelets by PaulJAdam

13.) Choosing an Accessible UI Framework by Gerard Cohen of Wells Fargo

14.) Accessibility in an Agile World (PDF) by @jessehausler and @cordeliadillon of Salesforce

15.) Drupal Presentation at CSUN15
Text summary:

16.) iOS Apps for Blind and Low Vision Users in the Workplace – Lyndon Dunbar

17.) JAWS 20th Anniversary Video – Ryan Jones JAWS 16 at CSUN 2015

18.) Enterprise Accessibility Strategies & Tools (IBM & Interactive Accessibility)- Bill Curtis-Davidson

19.) The Accessibility Tree: How ARIA Works by SSBBart

20.) Acrobat XI Accessibility: Requirements, Implementation and Evaluation by SSBart

21.) ARIA Support on Mobile Browsers by SSBBart

22.) Defending Digital Accessibility Lawsuits by SSBBart

23.) Developing and Rolling Out a Unified Training Program by SSBBart

24.) The Digital Accessibility Maturity Model For Measuring Program Success by SSBBart

25.) Mobile Accessibility: New Techniques and Tools by SSBBart

26.) Models for Monitoring Digital Accessibility Compliance by SSBBart

27.) iOS VoiceOver Testing Techniques & Procedures for Absolute Beginners by Aidan Tierney

28.) Mobile and accessibility By Gian Wild

29.) How we made an website accessible in 3 Months

30.) Integrating Accessibility in Project Life cycle By Denis Boudreau

31.) Revised Maturity Model: Case Study of the CIA by Benjamin Wilson from the CIA

32.) Massively maintained accessibility: WordPress – Joseph Dolson

33.) Developments in Angular.js Accessibility By Marchy Sutton

34.) Web Components by Alice Boxhall ‏and karlgroves

35.) AMP User Summit by SSBBart


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